Pony Show is a collection of art created by me: Nickie Burditt. Why Pony Show you ask? I got the nickname Pony while I was living in the Dominican Republic running an art hostel. One of my guests gave me the name while we were being silly on the beach and it stuck. The “Show” portion was tacked on because my art is kind of like a circus show: one part odd, two parts colorful, and three parts whimsical.

After surviving the first two years of business, my hostel got attacked in the middle of the night by 6 men with AK 47’s. I then retreated back to Canada and decided to focus on  finishing my Fine Arts degree. In 2014 I received my BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design and subsequently did a little happy dance.

Now what am I doing? Last year I took over running Oyama Lake Eco Lodge with my mom and boyfriend Nick. Although the lodge keeps us extremely busy, we also managed to get some action going in the local arts scene:

  1. Our Art Studio Bus was an active hub for creative projects all summer long and we are really looking forward to continuing them next summer.
  2. I started selling my artwork regularly at the Kelowna Airport Gallery, Pink Spotted Goat gift shop in Vernon, as well as the Karmyc Bazaar store in Kelowna (Newest addition).
  3.  We started the Oyama Lake Cabin Gallery and showcased artwork from 12 different artist in each of our 15 cabins as well as in our store.
  4. We started up Paint Nite Vernon and run events twice a week at both Wings and The Kal. Tickets can be found at

Have an idea about what projects we should do next? Want to have a private event on the lake? Send me an email at!










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