Sheeeeee’s BACK!!!

BearFinally, after months and months of trying to figure out how my old website died and how to fix it, I’ve taken the plunge and rebuilt her from scratch. I’m hoping everything functions as planned, however, there might be some quirks and bugs that still need to be smoothed out. If you find anything, Please feel free to let me know!

I’m happiest about having access to my blog back. It’s fun being able to post things that I find around the net, inspiring trips, and projects that I’m working on. There will be lots of new posts coming! I’ve also connected this site to various social networking thingamabobs so be sure to connect to whichever ones you use by clicking the icons at the top of the site. You can also subscribe to new blog posts by entering your email into the box on the ride side of this page. Highly recommended 😉

xox Pony

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