Ears & Beards!

Sometimes I forget how weird we are…

prideI remember as a kid I always felt so out of place at school, or anywhere else for that matter. I was stared at, and generally made to feel pretty damn uncomfortable (I was also a giant). In college, however, I finally got to meet people who were more like me and I finally felt like I fit in. Not only was I still weird, but it was considered an asset. People laughed with me instead of at me! Woohoo…

Fast forward to gay pride 2015:

The opposite of feeling rejected. Everyone embraces each other with love and acceptance. You can be ridiculous if you want to, or you can be your normal self. Kids were included in the parade and Nenshi gave an inspirational speech. All in all it was an awesome first Pride Parade for me and my favorite characters. Perhaps next time we will venture to a bigger one… Montreal?

Not gonna lie though, when I went back to the real world and showed a few of the photos to people who aren’t necessarily on my wave length, I got some funny looks and silence. I know they’re thinking, “holy, she’s a weirdo,” but whatever… I’ve got my weirdos to be weird with now and who cares about the rest lol

*Feeling proud*

Anyways, I’m supposed to be relating this blog to art related things so I wanted to end on a quote that I snatched up from one of my fave mags: Juxtapose (Nick and I found 24 issues of it for $40 at the flea market so you’ll be getting lots of tid bits from them). Today it’s going to be about a guy called Kenny Scharf, an artist who makes giant weird abstract cartoon sculptures. I’m not a huge fan of the guy because he’s kind of a pretentious snood who looks down on other artists, but there was one interesting thing he had to say that I related to:

“Lewis Carroll would use children as a medium to do nutty stuff. If you come up with a really good idea that is stimulating, and you start to do it and start talking to people, well there’s a good chance that you’ll lose 60 to 80 percent of the people because they are brought up to be practical.”

There will always be nay sayers. Every day we’re going to be presented with people who oppose what we do, but stick up for your damn crazy ideas. Otherwise the world would lack some really cool interesting shit, and that would be sad.

Lets be proud of our nuttiness!

xox Pony


2 thoughts on “Ears & Beards!”

  1. Nickie u where a special little girl in my life…..everyone has something different about them….I never fit in when I was young either…..don’t ever let anyone change u…..if they don’t like u then that is their choice….n their opion is theirs….should not influence who u r…..be strong….and be yourself…..enjoy life it is too short to care about what people think….;-)


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